The Story of Toyo and De Boys

Hello Music Friends

 I composed  a steel drum based song called "Toyo and De Boys" to pay homage to my grandfather's friends who serenaded our household during the Holiday Season.  Although I was very young at the time and did not remember specific details of the musicians, I  do in fact remember the feelings of love and happiness while growing up on Union Rd in Marabella, Trinidad. The insight of other relatives who knew the musicians helped me re-create  and piece together those precious memories.  I've also composed another song of the same vein. It's called " Mr Copeaux and Crew" .While, that song is the first part of the story, "Toyo and De Boys" is the continuation of the story. It is the second part. If you are cleaning your house, or prepping for hoilday guests, you may very well want to include these two songs into your hoilday line-up as they have the energy to put some "Pep in your step"

Click on the link below to watch the video and download the song!

"Free is For Me"

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